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Bachelor- und Masterarbeiten

Sie können bei uns Bachelor- und Masterarbeiten zu den Themengebieten des IWI schreiben. Falls Sie interessiert sind, wenden Sie sich bitte direkt an den gewählten Referenten.

Master Thesis: Empowering mainstream educators to create their own chatbots!

New emerging chatbots raise questions on how people interact with them. Chatbots such as Amazon's Alexa and the associated technologies are currently driving up the investment sums of companies. According to McKinsey, the chatbot market will grow from $1.65 billion in 2016 to $15.79 billion in 2024 (McKinsey & Company 2017). In education, chatbots have the potential to effectively trigger students’ learning processes similar to real human teachers and tutors. We want to create teechr.ai, a platform that helps educators to create chatbots for their own learning environments.

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Master’s thesis–Building Better Wearables: Principles for the Design of Wearables for Activity and Health Tracking

How might we design wearables that induce sustainable health behavior change?

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Nudging to improve Data Quality

Data Quality is in some cases strongly dependent on the people that generate that data. To manage (and thus, increase) data quality, one may formulate policies, rules, or guidelines. However, whether an employee is following these rules is another question. A new way of looking at the management of employee behaviour is 'nudging'. With this thesis, you will investigate how nudging may be used/usable in the context of data quality management.

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Nudging as a Management Instrument

People behave differently in organizational environments than in their private life. Nudging - an informal mechanism to influence individual behaviour - has been studied for more than a decade now. However, it has primarily been used for private behaviour. In this thesis, you investigate, whether and how nudging may apply to organizational behaviour.

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Bachelor Thesis: Tool comparison for Design Thinking support

A comparison of modern and cloud based software tools to support the Design Thinking process.

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Bachelor thesis: Applications of human-centered design in the field of AI

What are the application and research fields for human-centered design and artificial intelligence?

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Performance Measurement of Design Thinking efforts in organizations

How do we measure the success, efficiency and effective of human-centered design and design thinking on a organizational level?

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Benchmarking of Design Thinking and human-centered Design efforts

How might we be able to compare Design Thinking and human-centered Design efforts across organizations?

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Performance Measurement for Design Thinking Projects

How are design thinking projects going to be measured according to their performance?

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