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Bachelor- und Masterarbeiten

Sie können bei uns Bachelor- und Masterarbeiten zu den Themengebieten des IWI schreiben. Falls Sie interessiert sind, wenden Sie sich bitte direkt an den gewählten Referenten.

Masterthesis in Argumentation Mining

Argumentation Mining (AM) is a prominent application of text mining tools with the objective to extract argumentation structures of a given text, the relations between them and the internal structure of each individual argument. In this master thesis, the student should design, implement and evaluate an own system to extract argumentation structures in a given text. Therefore, the student should apply either Java or Python, use the common NLP and ML libraries and evaluate the system based common ML scores.

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Masterthesis in Text Mining

The student should analyze current text mining studies and feature classifications with the aim to design an own NLP feature taxonomy.

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Market and Digital Technology Analyst – Job Role, Skills, and Professional Methods in Innovative Business Services

Gestaltung von Lernmaterialien für die projektbasierte (Weiter)Bildung zum «Digital MTC-Analyst»

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Conversation Analysis: Analysis of Human-to-Human and Human-to-Voice Assisants Interactions

How do people speak to each other when conducting complex problem tasks, and what can we learn from that in order to leverage voice user interface design?

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Survey on Challenges of Design Thinking in Practice

Developing and testing a survey on current and future challenges of Design Thinking in practice for digital innovation.

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Process Model for the Implementation of Design Thinking in Digital Innovation Projects

Adopting grounded theory method to build a process model for the implementation of Design Thinking in digital innovation projects.

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Maturity Model for the Implementation of Design Thinking for Digital Innovation in Organizations

In preparation for a global study on Design Thinking for digital innovation: the design of the research instrument

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On the implementation of Design Thinking for digital innovation

Finding the frame: explorative study for investigating the use of Design Thinking in practice with focus on digital innovation

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