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Behavior change through wearables (master's thesis)

Empirical study of the effect of wearable use on users' confidence toward and adherence to suggested behaviors.

Wearables have the potential to optimize health-related behaviors like physical activity and nutritional intake and to improve individual health outcomes. However, researchers are still doubtful about wearables’ capacity to induce behavior change with users. This study, which is part of an international research collaboration, seeks to investigate the factors that influence users’ health-related behaviors.

The goal of this thesis is to support the described study in developing measurement scales, conduct a small-scale longitudinal field study, and statistically analyze the data and interpret the results to derive
implications for research and the design of wearables.

Please note that this thesis requires extraordinary commitment, profound methodological skills (and/or the willingness to acquire them), and strict adherence to the timeline of the research project. In return, you can expect close supervision and collaboration and the chance to make an actual research impact with your thesis.

Publiziert von annamina.rieder@unisg.ch

Kontakt: Annamina Rieder