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Technostress: Adverse Effects of Wearable Use

Master's thesis on adverse effects of wearable use and users' coping behaviors

Wearables are prevalent to improve users' behavioral outcomes using self-tracking and persuasive techniques. A growing body of literature in information systems has been investigating the adverse effects of self-tracking technology. The aim of this thesis is to gain an in-depth understanding of the adverse effects users experience while using wearables (e.g. Fitbits, Apple Watch) and the behaviors they employ to mitigate these effects. For this, you will conduct qualitative interviews with users of wearables and systematically analyze the data.

Interested? Please apply by email to Annamina Rieder (annamina.rieder@unisg.ch). Your application should entail a brief motivation letter, your application documents (short CV, recent grade transcript), as well as a brief outline of the planned timeline of your master’s thesis.

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Publiziert von annamina.rieder@unisg.ch

Kontakt: Annamina Rieder