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Measuring the Innovativeness of Mobile Business and (Smart) IoT Solutions

Do existing measurement instruments for products' innovativeness need an update in the light of IoT solutions?

[Status angefragt als BA]. BA-/MA-Thesis (D or E): When Mobile Business Solutions made inroads into corporate and consumer use, existing criteria and scales to differentiate between levels of digital product innovativeness have been updated. Now that we see the next wave of innovative business solutions "IoT-based products and/or product-service-solutions", we want to study the state of knowlege about measuring their innovativeness, as the 1st part of the thesis. in the 2nd part, the thesis should research a diverse set of current Mobile-Business-&IoT-Solutions in Switzerland in order to apply, critically reflect, and discuss with experts insightful purposes for using such a measurement instrument.

Publiziert von andrea.back@unisg.ch

Kontakt: Prof. Dr. Andrea Back