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Executive Education

For more than 10 years the Institute of Information Management is engaged in executive education. Our experiences result in customer-oriented programmes with durations from a few days to a 90-day Executive MBA.


Executive Master of Business Engineering
 Degree:Executive MBA HSG in Business Engineering 
 Topic:Integrated programme with focus on themes related to change and transformation in organisations (corporate strategic management process management, IT systems, leadership skills, change management and corporate culture)
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Advanced Diploma in IT Business Management
 Degree:Executive Diploma HSG in IT Business Management 
 Topic:Management competencies in the area of business IT alignment
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Advanced Certificate in Digital Inovation and Business Transformation
 Degree:Certificate of Advanced Studies HSG in Digital Innovation and Business Transformation

Programme focusing on the challenges and oportunities of digital transformation.
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Certificate of Advanced Studies in Banking Operations
 Degree:Certificate of Advanced Studies HSG in Banking Operations 
 Topic:Monetary transactions/foreign exchange, securities, credit operations, banking processes and IT
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Certificate of Advanced Studies in Sourcing Management
 Degree:Certificate of Advanced Studies HSG in Sourcing Management
 Topic:Business Engineering, Cloud Computing, Strategic Sourcing Management, Operative Sourcing Management, Sourcing Market Overview and Evaluation
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Seminar Business Engineering Accelerated
 Topic:Method and model-based business transformation from an IT perspective
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Customised Inhouse-Programs:
 More information: available on request (Prof. Dr. Reinhard Jung)