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Prof. Dr. Walter Brenner

The Chair of Prof. Dr. Walter Brenner focuses on the following research and teaching subjects: information management, industrial services and enterprise systems, design thinking and digital consumer business.


Information Management: This field of research at the Chair of Prof. Dr. Walter Brenner exists with different emphases for over 20 years. Central are on the one hand all aspects of the role of the person responsible for information and communication technology in companies or in public administration (CIOs or CEOs of IT service providers) and on the other hand questions regarding the alignment of business and information and communication technology. Currently, the Chair of Prof. Dr. Walter Brenner prioritizes the following research areas: agile application management, application management services, IT security management and IT product performance management.


Industrial Services and Enterprise Systems: This field of research is concerned with the interplay of industrial services and enterprise systems. It aims at the development of scalable and flexible processes, systems and data structures for service operations in the industrial context. Fields of interest include service process design, data management and innovative service implementations based on technical aids (such as big data management, remote monitoring, mobile computing).  


Design Thinking: This field of research deals with methods to increase the probability of success of innovations in companies. The approach of design thinking was developed at Stanford University in Palo Alto, California. The Chair of Prof. Dr. Walter Brenner deploys this method for more than six years. Central for the approach of design thinking is the customer orientation, the construction of prototypes and well organized brainstorming. Many projects which use the techniques of design thinking exceed the field of information management and lead to product and service innovations.


Digital Consumer Business: This field of research deals with the economic challenges related to the digitization of consumer interaction and consumer-centric information management in particular. It is our research objective to design instruments for the management of digital business initiatives. Current research topics cover consumer data management, consumer identity management, privacy and consumer analytics.