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Prof. Dr. Robert Winter

The chair of Prof. Winter focuses on the IS perspective of coordination within/between organizations and their nested teams


Coordination complications often occur

- within organizations: the design of effective coordination means and the alignment of business requirements with digital capabilities to leverage digital transformation
- between organizations: the design and operative management of value co-creation processes in digital ecosystems
- between (project) teams and enterprise-wide perspectives (traditionally addressed by enterprise architecture management)
- within (project) teams: the creation of a common ground for aligning team members during innovation projects

Our research partners usually are large service companies and we do not have a specific industry focus. An exception is a consortium project in the field of Business Analytics with system-relevant (“too big to fail”) banks in four European countries.


The chair of Prof. Winter organizes itself in two work areas:

The Architectural Coordination Group (ACG), headed by Prof. Dr. Stephan Aier and Prof. Dr. Kazem Haki, focuses on enterprise-wide innovation initiatives and the design of digital value networks, such as digital platforms and ecosystems. In addition to fundamental research funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation, this group conducts applied research on innovative coordination mechanisms and on organizing data-driven innovation.

The Project Leadership group (CC KEY), headed by Prof. Dr. Peter Rohner, focuses on the coordination of IT projects to enhance organizational agility. Their scope goes beyond traditional IT project management by including project governance, value management, and project portfolio management. This group mainly engages with companies and public service organizations.