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Prof. Dr. Reinhard Jung

The Chair of Business Engineering is focussing on the following research and teaching subjects: business transformation, business/IT alignment, and Social Media. Furthermore, we offer several executive education programs.


The main areas of research at the Chair of Business Engineering are as follows:

Business/IT Alignment: Based on best practices from the partner companies of our Competence Center «Business and IT Efficiency» (CC BITE) we are constructing a method that helps organizations to measure and communicate the value added by IT. Thus, IT efficiency and targeted budgeting of IT expenditure becomes possible.


Informationssicherheit: In our Competence Center «Information Security in the Financial Industry» (CC ISEC) we are constructing a method that enables companies to specify their security requirements toward information objects. Thus, the impact on processes, systems, supplier and customer relationships can be evaluated and suitable measures can be implemented. 


Social Media: Basing on empirical evidence we develop methods that help to introduce socail media in a sustainable way. It is planned to deliver a maturity model, organizational blue prints (processes & roles) and guidelines for social media processes. 


Executive Education: Business Engineering is at the heart of our executive education programs. This approach was developed at our institute. Our offering comprises the Executive MBA in Business Engineering, the Diploma of Advanced Studies (DAS) IT Business Management and the short program Business Engineering Accelerated. Furthermore, we are offering the Certificate of AdvancedStudies (CAS) in Banking Operations.


In two small scaleresearch projects we are focussing on Collective Intelligence and the application of the System Dynamics Approach to management decision making.