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Prof. Dr. Robert Winter

The Chair of Prof. Winter focuses on analysis and method design for enterprise-wide integration and transformation design problems in the areas of information logistics, enterprise architecture, and corporate management.

Innovative „Business-to-IT“ business solutions are analyzed and designed particularly with regard to enterprise-wide integration and transformation management.
Most research projects are not industry specific. Particularly dynamic industries such as the healthcare sector and the energy sector are however addressed in specific projects. 

The Corporate Intelligence group (CC CI), headed by Prof. Dr. Stephan Aier, is concerned with topics related to enterprise architecture planning, strategic decision support, and Lean Enterprise Architecture Management.

Experienced management personalities from major companies operating in various industries have joined forces in the  Project Leadership group (CC KEY), headed by Prof. Dr. Peter Rohner, to find the keys to success for large projects and make them known to the public. For example the CC KEY developed the assessment tool for large projects “KEY to Project Leadership” that facilitates a quick and objective situation assessment as well as the automated analysis of major problem areas in large projects. Several large multi-billion CHF projects have already been analysed with this tool that quickly generates facts and allows for the early detection of risks.

The Health Network Engineering group (CC HNE), headed by Prof. Dr. Tobias Mettler, is concerned with the design, development, and evaluation of cutting-edge services for healthcare, particulary at the interface between healthcare organizations and patients.