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The Chairs at the Institute of Information Management are managed by the following Professors:


Prof. Dr. Andrea Back

The Chair of Prof. Back focuses on the innovative application of new technologies in business. Our research covers Enterprise 2.0, Mobile Business Solutions, Crowdsourcing and e-Learning.


Prof. Dr. Walter Brenner

The Chair of Prof. Brenner focuses on the following research and teaching subjects: information management and design management.


Prof. Dr. Reinhard Jung

The Chair of Business Engineering is focussing on the following research and teaching subjects: business transformation, business/IT alignment, and Social Media. Furthermore, we offer several executive education programs.


Prof. Dr. Jan Marco Leimeister

The Chair of Prof. Leimeister works on designing, implementing and managing IT-enabled means of organization and innovation. His research aims at studying the topic of Crowdsourcing, Service Engineering and Management, Digital and Internet Business. 


Prof. Dr. Robert Winter

The Chair of Prof. Winter focuses on analysis and method design for enterprise-wide integration and transformation design problems in the areas of information logistics, enterprise architecture, and corporate management.