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About us

The Institute of Information Management (IWI-HSG) is an independent, mainly self-financed institute dedicated to conducting research at the interface between business and information technology (IT).

Founded in 1989, the IWI-HSG is independently managed, but integrated with the University of St.Gallen financially and regarding personnel. It acquires its financial means mostly from domestic and international corporate partners. The University’s Executive Master of Business Engineering (EMBE-HSG) program is independently run but closely connected to IWI-HSG.

IWI-HSG also has a separate governance structure. The leadership of the Institute is an executive board consisting of professors Back, Brenner (chairman), Jung, Leimeister and Winter, all chaired professors at the University. A COO heads the operational management of the Institute.

The board of directors (Geschäftsleitender Ausschuss (GLA)) is composed of distinguished members of the business community as well as professors of the University. It oversees the intellectual and financial development of IWI-HSG. As an interface to the corporate world, an advisory board (Forschungsrat) influences the research guidelines of IWI-HSG. 

Organisation of IWI-HSG

The main research activities at IWI-HSG take place within the Institute’s competence centers. These centers, each of which includes between four and eighteen corporate partners, fall under the responsibilities of the different chaired professors. The centers, and their projects, are managed by PhDs, mainly assistant professors, whose teams are composed of post-graduates working on their dissertation, and are aided by university students for specific tasks. The project managers are also part of the University’s teaching team, supported again by the post-graduates. Of note is that most of the assistant professors are financed by IWI-HSG. 

More than 50 student collaborators support the teams in the competence centers, thus enhancing their own knowledge in information management. They are, if qualified, encouraged to get their doctoral degree within IWI-HSG. Through this IWI-HSG helps finance the studies of these student collaborators. 

You can find more detailed information about IWI-HSG in our Annual Report (German only).