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Doctoral Studies Ph.D. in Management, specialisation Business Innovation

Doctoral students at the Institute of Information Management (IWI-HSG) usually study the Business Innovation specialistion of HSG’s doctoral studies in Management.


The Ph.D. programme in Management allows to earn a Ph.D. in Management HSG. It offers either preparation for a research-based professional career (standard track) or for an academic career (academic track).


In the standard track, doctoral students complete two compulsory courses in research methodology (including design science research) and five elective courses (out of ca. nine offered courses in IS theories, reference IS publications, information management) in the coursework phase. After submitting the research proposal, students then complete two seminars in the research phase. In contrast tot he courses that help to acquire methodological skills, the seminars are used to discuss the current state of the student’s own research projects. 


Most courses and seminars of the Business Innovation specialisation are currently only offered in German language!


Admission to doctoral studies at HSG requires a top Master degree in business administration or a similar field. Admission and administration are exclusively handled by the doctoral office oft he HSG. For more information, please refer to http://www.unisg.ch/en/Studium/Doktorat/BetriebswirtschaftlichesProgramm.aspx


All full professors of IWI-HSG are eligible to be Ph.D. supervisors. Academic director of the Business Innovation specialisation is Robert Winter.