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Bachelor's- and Master's Theses

You can write your Bachelor’s or Master’s thesis on a great variety of topics from the specialised disciplines of the IWI-HSG. Are you interested in a Bachelor’s or Master’s thesis topic from one of our disciplines? Please contact your chosen supervisor directly. 

Master's Thesis: How Do Wearables Influence Behavior Change?

Longitudinal study investigating how behavior change support systems (e.g., wearables) influence users’ confidence towards changing their behavior and the subsequent behavioral responses.

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Enhancing TV Experiences for Sports Events Using AI Applications

How does AI change sports broadcasting?

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Market and Digital Technology Analyst – Job Role, Skills, and Professional Methods in Innovative Business Services

Gestaltung von Lernmaterialien für die projektbasierte (Weiter)Bildung zum «Digital MTC-Analyst»

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Survey on Challenges of Design Thinking in Practice

Developing and testing a survey on current and future challenges of Design Thinking in practice for digital innovation.

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Process Model for the Implementation of Design Thinking in Digital Innovation Projects

Adopting grounded theory method to build a process model for the implementation of Design Thinking in digital innovation projects.

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Maturity Model for the Implementation of Design Thinking for Digital Innovation in Organizations

In preparation for a global study on Design Thinking for digital innovation: the design of the research instrument

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On the implementation of Design Thinking for digital innovation

Finding the frame: explorative study for investigating the use of Design Thinking in practice with focus on digital innovation

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