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Bachelor's- and Master's Theses

You can write your Bachelor’s or Master’s thesis on a great variety of topics from the specialised disciplines of the IWI-HSG. Are you interested in a Bachelor’s or Master’s thesis topic from one of our disciplines? Please contact your chosen supervisor directly. 

Behavior change through wearables (master's thesis)

Empirical study of the effect of wearable use on users' confidence toward and adherence to suggested behaviors.

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Digital resilience in the financial industry

New digital possibilities open up completely new ways of getting in touch with customers in the financial industry. Old business models in the financial industry no longer offer the necessary digital resiliency to survive in an increasingly "low-touch" economy.

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Digitalization & Agilization in the Sports Industry

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed many industries forever. In the sports industry, internal training concepts, disease and injury prevention as well as the execution of sports have to be rethought.

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