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Research Program

The digitization of society is changing the way we work, live, communicate, interact, as well as how and when we consume and produce products and services.

The transformation of the information society into the digital society creates a new wave of business start-ups. Within this context, it is up to each individual to recognize and seize opportunities, namely each innovative entrepreneur founding a new business, as well as decision makers intending to restructure their companies. The research program Digital Business & Transformation IWI-HSG supports companies in the transformation process from the information society to the digital society.



The new research program of the IWI-HSG is based on the successful previous research program Business Engineering. The Business Engineering model forms the core of the new model, the St. Galler House of Digital Business.


The individual components of the St. Galler House of Digital Business at a glance:


User-, Use-, Utility-Centricity:

As a guiding principle of the St. Galler House of Digital Business, the digital user is placed in the center of attention.


Business Processes & Organizational Structure:

The foundation of the house is the well-known business-to-IT stack, from the previous research program.


Managerial Functions:

An important column of the model addresses how management functions and the role of the CIO are changing in the digital age.


Products & Services:

The second column addresses issues relating to the outcome perspective in the digital age. It ranges from digital products and services up to different forms of hybrid solution bundles.



Data is ubiquitous and of essential importance for enterprises in the digital age. One core challenge will be to use the available data in the best possible way.



Digitalization leads to accelerating innovation cycles. This has an impact on all phases of the service and product lifecycle.