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[25.04.2017] Ein Beitrag des Autorenteams Jochen Wulff, Matthias Söllner, Jan Marco Leimeister und Walter Brenner über die Social Media Aktivitäten des FC Bayern München ist nun online im Journal of Information Technology Teaching Cases erschienen. Das Journal of Information Technology Teaching Cases unterstützt Akademiker, Forscher und Dozenten in Universitäten und weiteren Bildungsinstitutionen damit, aktuelle Fallstudien für Themen im Bereich der Organisation und des Managements von Informationssystemen sowie den sozialen Auswirkungen von Informationstechnologie bereitzustellen. Der erschienene Beitrag trägt den Titel "FC Bayern München goes social – the value of social media for professional sports clubs" und kann auf der Webseite des Journals abgerufen werden. Abstract: In 2010, FC Bayern München (FCB), one of the world’s most successful football clubs, had just finished a successful season from a commercial perspective as well as on the field. With regard to its digital service portfolio, FCB had successfully established its digital content distribution and an e-commerce platform. However, the club seemed to have missed one major trend: the rise of social media. European competitors were already attracting large crowds on Facebook. The management was unsure about how social media would contribute to the digital strategy. In this teaching case, students need to prepare materials for a board meeting in June 2010, in which the digital road map for the upcoming season has to be decided upon. Furthermore, they are supposed to reflect on FCB’s evolution from today’s perspective. This teaching case helps understand how value can be generated through the use of social media. Additionally, it illustrates how social media enriches content distribution and how it contributes to fan loyalty.

[04.04.2017] Are there ways to increase my "speed of discovery"? Is Big Data relevant for my research? Do I have the time, resource or know-how to use it? We will present you with new perspectives in this special event. SWITCHengines was developed for the needs of Swiss Researchers and is currently enhanced in the SCALE-UP project. The event addresses those who are looking for better compute and storage infastructure. We will also show you new hot Big Data use cases, developed at IWI-HSG and ZHAW. We encourage you to bring your own device to the event and start researching right there. Due to the interactive nature of the second part, max. 30 qualified HSG researchers and students are invited to attend on a first come, first serve basis.